Pittsburgh Punk Rock
Mobilize Lyrics

"Mobilize"|16 Song CD
A-F Records 2002
Who Made It Happen:
Guitar/Vox: Justin Sane
Drums: Pat Thetic
Guitar/Backups: Chris Head
Bass: Chris #2
"911 For Peace"

It's in the paper every day
I see it in the headlines and I feel so sick, yeah
Another life leaves this world (this world) so full of hate
But short
Short on compassion
Short on humanity
Asking myself in vain, shaken by the shock,
"do we even have a chance?"

I don't wanna die
(I don't wanna kill)
I don't wanna kill
(I don't wanna die)
We are all human.
It's time to prove it.

This is a plea for peace (world peace)
To the oppressors of the world and to
To the leaders of nations, corporate profit takers,
to the everday citizen
Greed, envy, fear, hate-- the competition has to stop.
When you see someone down, now's the time to pick them up
Set aside your differences and never look back, no

I don't wanna die
(I don't wanna kill)
I don't wanna kill
(I don't wanna die)
We are all human
It's time to prove it.

Isn't everybody tired of the fighting? (hey, hey)
Isn't everybody tired of the killing? (hey, hey)
Isn't everybody tired of the dying? (hey, hey)
Isn't everybody tired fo the hatred? (hey, hey)
Violence.. fighting... killing...dying.. aaaaaaah!!

(excerpt from Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech)

I don't wanna die
(I don't wanna kill)
I don't wanna kill
(I don't wanna die)
We are all human
It's time to prove it.

We are all human
It's time to prove it.
We are all human...

"Mumia's Song"
Arm in Arm - Fists held high
"set them free" - our battle cry
Take back the streets
And our right to free speech
Locked up and put away
For fear of what they'll say

Crooked cops plus crooked judges, don't equal justice
Free all political prisoners
Racist cops plus racist judges, don't equal justice
Free all political prisoners

Brick by brick - wall by wall
Wont sit back - let our brothers and sisiters fall
The unjust justice system
Our voice will overthrow


Leonard Peltier
Father Roy Bourgeois
The Angola 3
The MOVE 9
Ken Sara Wiwa
Lori Brenson
Like Nelson Mandela
Keep hope alive... KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!

Brick by brick, wall by wall...
We're gonna free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Brick by brick, wall by wall...
We're gonna free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Brick by brick, wall by wall...

No justice, No peace, No racist police [x4]
Free all political prisoners [x3]

"What's The Difference?"

The constitution crumbles beneath the weight of fascists
No right to assemble - no free speech for the masses
Seattle '99 the mayors decree
Anti-W.T.O. statements are grounds for arresting!

Our leaders decry Tianamen
And dare to speak of freedom
As they unleash our cops on us
So... what's... the fuckin' difference

Behind locked doors in session
World sponsored corporate politicians
Structure policy to build more coporate strength
Fight strength - with strength
At news conferences they claim, "we listen"
while they lock out their own constituents
So we march on to raise our voice
Because we are left with no choice!!!

In China, Nike pays workers fifty cents a day
In the U.S., lawmakers give China "free trade"
Human rights-based sanctions just washed away
When our lawmakers are owned by multinational's money

"We Want To Be Free"

All night out on the streets
I got the back of all my friends
We never want to go back home
Never want the night to end

Because we want to be... FREE!
We want to be...FREE!

The schools that they send us to are prisons
The same can be said for their churches too
I don't want my mind or my arms tied in bondage
I don't want to be another cloned state tool
When I'm with my friends, when I'm at a show
Thats when everything is OK
Thats why I follow my heart every single day
Single day... EVERY SINGLE DAY!!
"Nbc (No Blood-Thirsty Corporations)"

I herad a man on the radio saying, "we're facing an economic hell"
It creates a vision in my head of ten thousand kids sent off to kill
Theres always a voice that says, "you've got a choice"
But a choice between shit is still shit!!

Resistance, Resistance
I won't be used
By a fascist corporation, a rightwing politician,
I'm not a slave, not a tool, fuck you!

I've got an idea in my head and I know it is nothing new
But it seems to me a better plan than being used, and being screwed
Think your safe to spread your hate from behind your iron gate's
Your walls will never be strong enough to keep us down


Sometimes there is not a choice, like when your backs against the wall
So it's better to make a move, before they've set you up to fall
SO YOU... so you better organize
SO YOU... so you better open eyes
SO YOU... so you better sound out loud the call
Before you find your back is up against the wall
THEIR fucking wall


"Right To Choose"

Thrown out by her family
In the midst of anger
Mom and dad can't make sense
Of her sexual preference
It seems rhe cars
Just drive by on this night
No one has any idea
What this feels like

You wave your flag
Tell me I'm free
Then use the word fag
To fuck with me

Judged by parents and the public
The Fingers pointed at them
Well I'll point mine right back
They Must Realize
You can't change whom you love
And gender is not the issue

That night she said, "I will be true"
Meant every word she said to you
It seems today, to be yourself
Takes so much courage and strength
If you were half the human, as people who "come out"
This world would be a better place
You wave your flag
Tell me I'm free
Then use the word fag
To fuck with me
Go and wave your flag [x3]
I'm free, fucking free!! YeaHH!!

"We Don't Need It"

Lost on the street because you don't know what to do
There's something in your heart that's coming over you
It takes you back to a better time and place
The leaders of this world have shortchanged the human race

We've spent our lives living in their past
Now we're building- building a new future [x2]
We've spent our lives living in their past
One look at their world and it prompts these words,

The state of The State, it makes you feel sick
Back stabbing, dollar driven, status quo shit!

[Chorus (repeat)]

I been thinking about the sad state of the world
Don't you know it starts with you and that it starts with me?!?!
This is the new fucking millennium...
We're going to turn the world upside down!
It's time to show some true humanity
And time to show we truly care...
For the world, for each other, for those we've known...
Through all our years...


"Anatomy Of Your Enemy"

10 easy steps to create an enemy and start a war:
Listen closely because we will all see this weapon used in our lives.
It can be used on a society of the most ignorant to the most highly educated.
We need to see their tactics as a weapon against humanity and not as truth.

First step: create the enemy. Sometimes this will be done for you.

Second step: be sure the enemy you have chosen is nothing like you.
Find obvious differences like race, language, religion, dietary habits
fashion. Emphasize that their soldiers are not doing a job,
they are heartless murderers who enjoy killing!

Third step: Once these differences are established continue to reinforce them
with all disseminated information.

Fourth step: Have the media broadcast only the ruling party's information
this can be done through state run media.
Remember, in times of conflict all for-profit media repeats the ruling party's information.
Therefore all for-profit media becomes state-run.

Fifth step: show this enemy in actions that seem strange, militant, or different.
Always portray the enemy as non-human, evil, a killing machine.


Sixth step: Eliminate opposition to the ruling party.
Create an "Us versus Them" mentality. Leave no room for opinions in between.
One that does not support all actions of the ruling party should be considered a traitor.

Seventh step: Use nationalistic and/or religious symbols and rhetoric to define all actions.
This can be achieved by slogans such as "freedom loving people versus those who hate freedom."
This can also be achieved by the use of flags.

Eighth step: Align all actions with the dominant duty.
It is very effective to use terms like, "It is god's will" or "god bless our nation."

Ninth step: Design propaganda to show that your soldiers
have feelings, hopes, families, and loved ones.
Make it clear that your soldiers are doing a duty; they do not want or like to kill.

Tenth step: Create and atmosphere of fear, and instability
and then offer the ruling party as the only solutions to comfort the public's fears.
Remembering the fear of the unknown is always the strongest fear.

[Chorus (repeat)]

We are not countries. We are not nations. We are not religions.
We are not gods. We are not weapons. We are not ammunition. We are not killers.
We will NOT be tools.

Mother fuckers
I will not die
I will not kill
I will not be your slave
I will not fight your battle
I will not die on your battlefield
I will not fight for your wealth
I am not a fighter
I am a human being!!!